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Balaghat a city and municipality in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh means "above the ghats or passes." Surrounded by high hills and forests this region is located in the south-eastern part of the Satpura Mountain Range as well as the Upper Wainganga River Valley. Balaghat was formed through merging of different regions such as the Bhandara in Maharastra (South), Mandla (North), Rajnandgaon (East), and Seoni (west) districts. While the headquarters of Balaghat was originally known as 'Burha', also called as 'Boora'. Later the name of the district was renamed with its original name 'Balaghat', which spans over a degree through 21.19' till 22.24' North and 79.31 to 81.3' East. While the overall estimation of the district area is 9245 Sq. Kms.

About Balaghat
Methodist Church in Balaghat

Brief History of Balaghat

Balaghat which was partitioned into two halfs of Wainganga River saw the rule of many dynasties. The western bank was said to be won by Bhonsle Marathas during the year 1743, that belonged to Nagpur. After which, Bhonsle Marathas captured the eastern bank under their control. But, during the third Anglo - Maratha war held between these Marathas and British during the year 1818, ruined Bhonsle Marathas and forced them to hand over Nagpur to the British princely state. During that time, the region of Nagpur along with the city of Balaghat was reformed several times. Later, district of Balaghat came into existence in 1867. Even though, it was known as 'Burha' earlier, the name of Balaghat became the permanent one. And during the Post Indian independence (1947), Jabalpur Division of Madhya Pradesh state, has considered Balaghat as its part. Read More...........................

Culture of Balaghat

Culture of Balaghat is exactly the reflection of its society, which is fascinating and captivating. Hindi and Marathi are spoken in the southern part of the districts. This region is inhabited by people belonging to various castes and creeds. Tribal people have their own beliefs and lifestyle, their food and everything. Through observing the culture of the people of Balaghat, you will come to know their traditions and practices like the festivals and events, etc. which are still followed. These all resemble and reflect the Balaghat culture in one or the other way.

Culture of Balaghat
Folk Dances in Balaghat

The culture of Balaghat is identified through its arts and handicrafts. Art represents different sorts of dances including the tribal dances such as Phag, Mandri and Lota. The traditional dances were usually performed during special occasions like marriages and festivals, etc. The dances are performed in different ways using different accessories like sword, drum, pots, and others. The dance done using sword is known as 'Phag Dance', and the dance performed via drum is called 'Mandri', and dance performance using pitchers of water on the head, is well-known as 'Lota'. Other form of dances include the 'Rela dance' and 'Dhol' performed by the tribal people of the city. Rela dance is performed especially on certain auspicious occasions and during the time of harvest. While Dhol dance is oftenly performed during small tribal functions. These tribal people will have their own unique culture and they believe and worship 'Lord Persapen'.

Geography of Balaghat

Balaghat is situated at the south side of the Jabalpur division, with a latitude of 21.8000° N, and longitude of 80.1800° E. The region is too rich in its forest wealth, as half of the region is covered by the forest (i.e, approximately 52% of the area). The forest is filled with many trees, out of which are the Teak and Bamboo, the Sal, and Saja. At these forest area, animals like tigers and leopards, the bear and deer, are the few of the most popular animals located in this forest region. While, birds like Peacok and Red Bulbul, as well as the Koyal and Bison are the famous birds in this forest. Nearly 25 years ago, these forests were supposed to be called as 'Hunters Paradise'. But currently, these forests are taken under the custody of the government and forest department takes care of these forest and thereby protects several forests resources like trees, animals and birds. Read More........................

Balaghat Tourism

Balaghat Tourism
Lanji Fort/Temple

Tourism in Balaghat  is more interesting and is famous throughout India and abroad. People from various places drive to this city to enjoy the climatic conditions, atmosphere all around the city, to watch the tribal people and their culture, enjoy some traditional dance forms, along with these, travelers can visit the best tourist spots like the Lanji Fort and Temple, one can also visit the Gomji-Somji Temple and the nearby Rampaily Temple, and the amazing picnic spots like the Kanha National Park, as well as the Nahlesara Dam. Read More.......................

Food in Balaghat

Most of the food in Balaghat has been acquired from the state of Madhya Pradesh and is popular for serving different types of food. You can find fast food as well as heavy cuisines at this spot.One can find various types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items (sweet to salt and spicy). If you want to taste sweet dishes, you can try mawa-bati, shrikhand, khoprapak, and malpua that are prepared out of milk. Suppose you wish to taste vegetarian food, you can have balfa that is served with dhaal and ghee. But, Balaghat is most popular for non-vegetarian food, especially fish and meat. Some other delicious non-vegetarian food that are served at this place include Kebab, Korma, Biryani, as well as Keema. When you visit Balaghat, do not forget to taste the delicious food from the following multi-cuisine hotels and restaurants.

Hotel Vikas
Address: Hanuman Chowk,
Near Punjab National Bank,
City: Balaghat
Pin code: 481001, (MP)
Phone No: 0763 224 3731, 0763 224 3411

Madras Restaurent and Keters
Address: Main Road, Balaghat H O,
City: Balaghat
Pin code: 481001, (MP)
Phone No: 0763 224 1484
Mobile: +91 982 719 0984, +91 748 932 8182

Vijay Agrwal Hotel
Address: SBI, Vijay Agrwal,
Balaghat H O,
City: Balaghat,
Pin code: 481001, (MP)

Mohini Family Restaurant
Address: Station Road,
City: Balaghat,
Pin code: 481001, (MP)
Phone No: 0763 207 632, 0763 224 3707

Healthcare in Balaghat

Hospitals in BalaghatThere are many hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centres in Balaghat . All the hospitals have state-of-the-art technology to handle any emergency situations. Apart from these various options for alternative treatments like ayurvedic, allopathic, and homeopathic centers are available. One can get treatment for all types of health issues from thyroid to sinus problems, heart to kidney related problems and many more.  Patients in Balaghat are able to get excellent treatments from expert professionals who deliver round the clock service to the needy. Further there are chemist shops, path-labs to aid the health infrastructure in the region.

Balaghat Hospital
Address: Bhatera Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Contact No: +(91)-7632-240522

District Hospital
Address: Budhi, Balaghat - 481226
Contact No: +(91)-7632-240460

Shri Vichkchan Jain Hospital
Address: Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001, Motinagar
Contact No: +(91)-7632-243906, 243907

Government Hospital
Address: Main Road, Baihar, Balaghat - 481111
Contact No: +(91)-7636-256953

Civil Hospital
Address: Main Road, Waraseoni, Balaghat - 481331
Contact No: +(91)-9424490634

Business and Economy of Balaghat

Balaghat is rich in mineral resources and is known for its manganese deposits. As per the records it's approximately 80% of the production in the entire India is served in Balaghat. Other minerals include the Kyanite, Clay, as well as the Bauxite and Dolomite, Limestone and Marble are some of the main minerals found in Balaghat. While in recent years, copper deposits at Malanjkhand is also denoted as the largest production in the nation. Hence, these are the main businesses done at this city, and the economy of these businesses has been increasing day by day. Apart from these Balaghat performs other businesses like textiles, shoes, electronics, and handicrafts trading, which is bringing a huge income to these local traders. Thus, the economy of Balaghat has been plotted in the India Map, because of the vast businesses.

Shree Viraj Industries
Address: Garra Industrial Area, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh 481331
Phone No: 91-7632-248005
Mobile: 09424942800

V.K. Plastics Industry
Address: Ward No. 27, Sneh Nagar, Balaghat - 481001, Madhya Pradesh, India
Phone No: 91-7632-222563/247493/243894(R)
Mobile: 09179793000

Transportion in Balaghat

Transport in Balaghat
Balaghat Junction

There is a good transportation facility from Jabalpur junction to the Balaghat section, as South East Central Railway operates both north and south including the Wainganga valley. The line was actually broad gauge for its entire length, but the section between the Balaghat and Gondia gets converted to the wide gauge between the years 2005-2006. In later years, it started connecting to Balaghat from various broad gauge network. While Balaghat is directly connected via bus to larger cities like the Bhopal and Nagpur, Jabalpur and Raipur, Gondia, and others. Balaghat is even very much associated and well-connected by road. One can find State Highways 11 and 26, as the closest connecting highways to the Balaghat city. When you visit the city, you will be able to find local buses, as well as autos and taxi services in order to travel within the city. Sonegaon airport located at Nagpur (about 121.3 kms) and Jabalpur airport (134 kms) are the two airports which are too near to Balaghat. Local and prepaid taxis are available near to the airport to take customers reach Balaghat, and local/state buses can also be found to reach Balaghat.

Balaghat Railway Station
Address: Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh,India
Line(s): Tumsar Road-Balaghat-Gondia line
Station code: BTC
Zone(s): South East Central Railway
Division(s): Nagpur

Shopping in Balaghat

Balaghat is popular due to its art of making furniture and other household utensils using bamboo sticks. Thus, visitors of Balaghat will have wide choices to buy at this village. You will be able to get soopa, table lamps, magazine holders, etc. from here. However, local people can buy bamboo furniture, sofa set, gardening furniture, and so on. If you wish you can also purchase bamboo ladders, outdoor furniture, stools, and lot more in the major markets all around.You will find several shops in the main market selling mobile phones, textile goods, footwears, jewellery items and more. You can also find some gift centers, that spread wide options for you to make purchase of these gift items to gift your friends and loved ones.

Balaghat at a glance

Country: India
State: Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates: 21.8°N 80.18°E
District: Balaghat
Elevation: 288 m (945 ft)
PIN: 481001
Vehicle registration: MP50

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