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Utility Services in Balaghat

Balaghat city is District Headquarter of mineral rich Balaghat district. Balaghat districts has always occupied a place of pride on mineral map of India and its deep reservoir of minerals has indeed played a very important role in bringing lot of economic prosperity to Balaghat city. This much desired economic prosperity may be too little in size and quantity, but it has had lot of positive effect on many of the critical utility services. Subsequently helping Balaghat citizens in raising their standard of living. There, however, are few utility services which are yet to benefit from slow and steady economic prosperity. Below is complete and exhaustive description of all the utility services available in Balaghat city. The below paragraphs will give readers better idea about which utility services are working at optimum level and which are not.

Healthcare Services in Balaghat

Hospitals in Balaghat
Healthcare in Balaghat

With coming up of many hospitals and surge in chemist shops and doctors in last one decade, Balaghat healthcare services is surely showing sign of resurgence. Various hospitals in Balaghat are certainly well equipped with basic facilities like operation theatres, ICU’s and even specialist doctors to deal with many medical specialties. They, however, lack many cutting edge technologies. For instance, many of the private hospitals still boost basic operation theatres and not advanced operation theatres. This seriously hinders their ability to perform complicated operations and surgeries. Read More.........

Anushree Hospital & NICU
Address: Ward No 15, Gujari Road, Opposite Kali Temple, Near Bus Stand, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-240068, +(91)-9329266006

Balaghat Hospital
Address: Bhatera Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-240522

Mitali Hospital
Address: Circuit House Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-240242, 240053

Shri Vichkchan Jain Hospital
Address: Motinagar, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-243906, 243907

Kevin Hospital
Address: Polytecnic College Road, Motinagar, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-243755, +(91)-9425138755

Aarogay Hospital
Address: Gujri Chouk, Main Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-240505, +(91)-9301047555

Local Transportation Services in Balaghat

Local transportation in Balaghat is much more dependent on various mini tempos, autoricksaws and rickshaws. While auto rickshaws ply only within the limit of Balaghat city, mini buses/tempos travel to deep interiors of the district. Talking more about mini tempos and buses, then their presence mean a great deal for local commuters, as their presence quite easily makes up for limited number of state run buses. This small town as of today does not have any city bus service, which means that decent number of auto rickshaws that are there have to bear all the pressure of local commuters. And to tell you more, existing numbers of auto rickshaws are doing a pretty good at it. That said, this small town and its daily commuter are very much in dire need of more number of auto rickshaws.

Safety and Security in Balaghat

Although today many parts of Balaghat District are facing severe naxal insurgency, but main city of Balaghat has largely been free from Naxal violence. This is mainly because naxal insurgents mainly operate in dense forest areas that are found only in the deep interior areas of naxal district. This is not just true about Balaghat District, but also other parts of our country where naxal problem is prevalent. Overall, Balaghat city is not just free from naxal violence, but also all other kinds of organized violence. However, like all other cities and towns pity crimes do occur here, but they obviously do not pose any major challenge to local law enforcing agencies. Fore More Click Here

Superintendent of Police: Gourav Kumar Tiwari - 07632-240021
Email: sp_balaghat@mppolice.gov.in

Balaghat Kotwali Police Station: 07632-240044
AJK Balaghat: 07632-240023
Waraseoni Police Station: 07633-253036
Katangi Police Station:

Postal Services in Balaghat

Postal Services in Balaghat
Postal Services

Adding to the presence of ever reliable India Post Services is private courier services, which today has added to the conveniences of the local citizens of Balaghat. Both these public and private services have coupled up very well to ensure that people of Balaghat can send and receive posts and urgent courier from any part of the city. And what’s even better, few more private courier companies are expected to open their offices here in coming years, further improving courier services in the city. Increasing presence of courier services, will surely benefit the people of the region.

Dtdc Courier & Cargo Ltd
Address: Circuit House Road, Opposite Central Bank, Besides Mandla Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Near New Ram Mandir, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-9301565118

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Kelkar Complex Mahaveer Chowk, ward No.17, Behind Central Lodge,
Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-324722, +(91)-9300278995

The Professional Couriers
Address: 1st Floor, Bank of Maharastra, Main Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-240872, +(91)-9300991289

Reliance Courier Service
Address: Dhanraj Complex, Main Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-9827117606

Madhur Courier Services
address: Waraseoni, Pradarshni Ground, Waraseoni, Balaghat - 481331
Phone no: +(91)-7633-241697, +(91)-9301358157

Banking Services in Balaghat

Banks in Balaghat
Banking in Balaghat

Today almost all top banks are serving in Balaghat city, who are fully ensuring that people of Balaghat city do not lag behind in enjoying modern banking services. While presence of top banks has surely helped in modernizing banking services, but at the same time they have also immensely contributed to local economy of this city. To tell you more about its contribution, then they have not just contributed in employment generation, but they have also helped in nurturing entrepreneurship culture by fast disposal of loan to local business community.

Punjab National Bank
Address: Y.C.Rathore, Main Road, Hanuman Chowk, Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh)
Phone : 07632- 249420, 243350
Email : bo0038@pnb.co.in
IFSC code: PUNB0003800

Address: Hanuman Chowk, Gondia Road, Balaghat - 481001, Madhya Pradesh
Phone no: 9893603333
IFSC Code: HDFC0001766

Union Bank of India
Address: Prabhat Jain Building, Main road, Gujri Chowk, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh
Phone no: 07632-241124
IFSC code: UBIN0559440

Canara Bank
Address: Ward No.28, Sneh Nagar, Balaghat-481001
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code : CNRB0004118

Petrol Pumps and Gas Agencies in Balaghat

Fuel Supply in Balaghat
Petrol Pump

Good number of petrol pumps and gas agencies operate in Balaghat city, which duly ensure that this city never has to face any energy crisis or problems whatsoever. In other words, this small city is fully self sufficient on energy front. That said, concerned authorities should make more efforts to increase number of petrol pumps and gas agencies across the city, which will invariably ensure that this city can easily meet inflated energy demands in distant future. But as of today, energy demands are met quite comfortably by existing petrol pumps and gas agencies.

Ravishankar & Company
Address: Bus stand, Near Bus Stand, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-241473, +(91)-9425876173

Karam Fuels
Address: Ward No 30 (Sh 26), Gondia Road, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-244302, 244202

Divya Petroleum
address: Amgaon Road, Village Bisoni, Tehsil Lanji, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Phone no: +(91)-8959051226

Dadabhai Reliable Fuels
Address: Amgaon Road, Village Bisoni, Tehsil Lanji, Balaghat H O, Balaghat - 481001
Phone no: +(91)-8959051226

Ghous Automobiles
Address: Navegaon, Khairlanji, Balaghat H O, Balaghat – 481001
Phone no: +(91)-7632-280265, +(91)-9424353871

Shri Mahamaya Fuels
Address: Balaghat Road, Lamta, Nainpur, Balaghat - 481551
Phone no: +(91)-9424380539

Deshmukh Petroleum
Address: Katangi Khawasa Road, Tirodi, Balaghat - 481449
Phone no: Not available

Shri Maruti Petroleum
Address: Balaghat Road, Baihar, Balaghat - 481111
Phone no: +(91)-7636-256444

Telecom Services in Balaghat

Today development of mobile and internet services across thousands of towns and cities in India have reached its zenith. And Balaghat city happens to be one among these thousands of small town, where in last one decade mobile and internet has literally exploded. As a result today Balaghat’s local people can receive and make mobile call to any part of India or for that matter even outside of India. This also obviously means that immigrants and tourists can visit this city without ever worrying about losing mobile connectivity to rest of the world. As for internet services are concerned, then Balaghat city is probably the only city/town where broadband as well as 3G/2G internet services are available. There are many cyber cafes in the city that offer internet browsing at broadband speed. As for 3G services are concerned, then BSNL, Idea and Vodafone are some of the mobile companies offering 3G and 2G services here.

Over all, all the above information gives a very mixed picture, although there are more positives than negatives to take away. Talking about positive first, then courier services, banking services and mobile services have witnessed impressive growth over last one decade, while basic services in healthcare services are working in pretty optimum condition. As for negative factors are concerned, then lack of advanced infrastructure in healthcare services and unbearable pressure on existing auto rickshaws do pose formidable challenge for the city.

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