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Weekend Getaways From Balaghat

Balaghat is popular for many of its own and surrounding attractions that also includes the rich mineral Manganese Reserves. Bharveli Manganese Mines that is established in Asia is identified as the deepest underground Manganese Mines. This holds a large area, that is just 6 kms away from the city, and tourists should not miss to visit this spot in Balaghat. One can also visit many hills and small temples established around the city. The city lies in a center location, from where you can travel to any nearby famous destinations. Boat riding in Bhedaghat, Tagore Garden, Tilwara Ghat, and many different spots that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. You will definitely enjoy at the best sightseeing places located in and around the city of Balaghat. It is always a best practice to visit these places by private vehicles like cars or cabs, else it may take long hours to reach these places.

Weekend gateways near Balaghat
Narmada River at Bhedaghat

Enjoy Boat Riding in Bhedaghat from Balaghat

In Bhedaghat, travelers can enjoy the boat ride over the holy river of Narmada, that gleams between the marble rocks. This is found to be the shooting location of Bollywood movies like Ashoka, etc. You can visit this place any time, but it is good if you visit in the morning or in the evening, as the temperature will be pleasant. However, if you visit this place during winter, you can ride the boat even during the noon time. If you have no plans about where to go, you can choose this activity in Bhedaghat to have a nice time.

How to Reach Bhedaghat ?

To reach Bhedaghat from Balaghat, may take around 3-4 hours by taxis or any other private vehicles. The kilometers from Balaghat to Bhedaghat is roughly about 234 kms, and can be reached within few hours by private vehicles. If you pick local buses, it may take more time. Actually, you must reach the Jabalpur junction first from Balaghat Junction, then from Jabalpur junction, you can reach easily to the Bhedaghat.

Take a Tour to Tagore Garden from Balaghat

The Tagore Garden is a famous place which remians occupied by young and adults alike. Adults visit the garden early morning, and do walking and jogging, or attend yoga classes here. The Tagore Park is situated in Jabalpur, is just 2 kms away from the railway station. It is one of the extremely favorite picnic spots of Tagore Garden, where there are slides, swings, and lush green surroundings that make Tagore Park as the best tourist spot in Jabalpur. Whenever in Jabalpur do not forget to go to this park which is a fun and relaxing place for all, specially to young and kids.

How to Reach Tagore Garden ?

To reach this Tagore Garden, you must get down to Jabalpur Junction via Balaghat Junction. This is the only shortest distance to reach the Tagore Garden from Balaghat. There are several regular buses and railways to Jabalpur via Balaghat. So, reach the place via bus or railways, then from Jabalpur junction, you can choose the local vehicles to reach the Garden. You can reach this place in just 4 hours if you go by car.

Drive to Dumna Nature Reserve from Balaghat

Dumna Nature Reserve – a Co-Tourism site, has been opened-up for general public and is spread over an area of 1058 hectare at Jabalpur Airport road, which is about 10 kms from the main city. Travelers can do nature walk at the nature reserve and watch the wild animals such as spotted dears. These Chitals and Wild boar, the porcupine and jackals, the monkeys, along with various species of birds gives you a great view of the Dumna nature reserve. One can also do boating at the Khandari Dam and enjoy it. Along with these, several new attractions . Tourists can watch the hanging bridge, the rest house and tent platform, also the fishing platform over the Dumna Nature Reserve, etc.

How to Reach Dumna Nature Reserve ?

Jabalpur is the only nearest junction to reach Dumna Nature Reserve. There are regular trains and flights from Jabalpur junction to Delhi. However, from Balaghat, you must pick only trains and buses, taxis or cabs, as Balaghat does not have airport. The best suggestion is to pick taxis to reach this Dumna Nature Reserve, as it hardly takes 4 hours to reach the place.

Plan a Trip to Tilwara Ghat from Balaghat

Tilwara Ghat is one among the very important historic spots of Jabalpur that is situated at the banks of Narmada River that lies with a distance of 12 kms from the Jabalpur's Railway Station. This place is popular as the site, where the Mahatma Gandhi ashes were buried, and 'Gandhi Smarak' being built in the place to immortalize Mahatma Gandhi. More than a ghat, Tilwara is a pilgrimage center, where Tilwadeshwar Temple is located. You can also find various other temples in the place such as the Mala Devi Mandira, as well as the Pisan Harijain Temples, and the Roopnath Lingam Temple. The 'Marble Rocks' is even located close to this ghat, with the sites like Parjyat Tank, the Lamheta Ghat and Bargi Dam.

How to Reach Tilwara Ghat ?

Tilwara Ghat can be reached from Jabalpur Junction at a very less span of time. It hardly takes 4 and 1/2 hours to reach this place from local taxis or buses, as it's just 12 kms from the Railway Junction of Jabalpur. Therefore, from Balaghat you can reach Jabalpur Railway Junction in order to reach this pilgrimage center of Tilwara Ghat. You can better pick taxis to reach Tilwara Ghat, as it hardly takes 4 hours from Balaghat.

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